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Nanning Jinglitong Networking Technology Co., Ltd. Is Seeking For Project Partners
News From:anonym   Date:2011-04-01

Nanning Jinglitong Networking Technology Co., Ltd. is a software company invested by Guangxi Liuzhou Yida Technology Co., Ltd., a member of NNFIC Pingnan Chamber of Commerce. It owns 8 types of softwares, including salary management software, salary auditing software, salary paying software, personnel management software, HR management system, customer relationship management system and financing management software, which have been approved by National Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications and have 20,000 users. For the purpose of enlarging the scale of software services, increasing competitiveness of core products, occupying the Guangxi market and then the ASEAN market to finally play on the competition stage of international market, we are seeking for partners to develop the software market of Chinese Guangxi-ASEAN together. Please call the Preparation Office of Nanning Jinglitong Networking Technology Co., Ltd. for more details. Contact Person: Cai Zhenhai, Tel: 13978623163.