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News From:NNCCPIT   Date:2011-04-01

    1. Philippine merchant seeks for snack-making machines

Company: CARDINAL BAKESHOP Contact Person: Mr. One Leewin

Tel: 0063-32-2621729/2623890

    2. Brazil enterprise seeks for generators

Company: E-Machine Comercial Ltda


Requirements: 3 megawattsto45 megawatts/13800 volts/60 hz/1800 rpm

Import Amount: 5 to 10 sets per year

Contact Person: Mr. Macelo Acuna Coelho


Tel: 0055-16-39114578

    3. Venezuela merchant seeks for refrigeration equipments, the parts thereof and technical equipments

Company: Proyectos y Construcciones LUBINA, C.A.

Biz Scope: manufacturing & selling of industrial refrigeration equipments, the parts thereof and technical equipments

Tel: 0058-251-8087686 Fax: 0058-251-2633822


Address: Av.Libertador esquina Calle 29 Edif.Del Rio,locál No.02.Barquisimeto,Estado Lara.Venezuela

Contact Person: Mr. Rodolfo Tovar Mobile Phone: 0058-414-5118236

    4. Canadian molybdenum mine exploiter from Vancouver is seeking for long-term cooperation on trades or investments with Chinese enterprises

Contact Person: Mr. Machael E. Macleod Title: President & CEO

Company: Adanac Molybdenum Corporation

Address: Unit #1-2199-152nd Street  Surry B.C. V4A 4N7

Tel: 6045356834 Fax: 60453824873 Email:

    5. Canadian merchant seeks for stainless exhaust pipes and muffler assemblies for trucks with an annual demand of about 4,000 sets. The blueprints are available by the Chamber for any company with machining capability.

    6. Canadian merchant provides 8 million tons of power plant coal, the heat of which is 6300 kcal./kg, and for which quoting FOB Vancouver 65-70USD/ton(product testing sheet available).

    7. A Canadian abyssal products company is seeking for agents in China for seal products such as seal oil, skins, dry & fresh meat, guts, capsules, etc..

    8. A Canadian company plans to attorn technologies of industrial solvent and condensing agent recycling.

The above4 to 8 pieces of information are provided by the Chinese Trading Department of Canadian PBB Group Company with detailed information available. Please contact the Exhibition Liaison Office of NNCCPIT directly if you are interested as a manufacturer. Contact Person: Peng Guoguang  Tel: 4812844  4810627  Fax: 4810104  E-mail: