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Quanzhou Chamber of Commerce of NNFIC officially founded
News From:   Date:2012-12-10

An inauguration meeting was held for Quanzhou Chamber of Commerce of NNFIC on December 9. Jiang Xuequan, president of Guangxi Nanya Electric Co.,Ltd, was appointed the first chairman. As a secondary organization of NNFIC, Quanzhou Chamber of Commerce was not qualified as a legal person.


So far, it has more than 80 member enterprises, with business operation in over 30 industries, such as real estate, construction, building materials, hotels, agriculture, forestry, food processing, trade, electron, clothing, energy, mining industry, culture, decoration, catering, finance, electric power, electrical appliance and furniture. It aims at further uniting, serving, guiding and instructing non-public-owned Quanzhou enterprises in Guangxi to develop themselves in a scientific way, so as to make contributions to accelerating the economic exchange and cooperation between Nanning and Quanzhou.