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Guangxi Guoyue Group
News From:   Date:2012-05-28

Guangxi Guoyue Group owns the following subsidiary companies: Guangxi Guoyue Jiuqu Bay Traveling Development Corporation, Guangxi Guoyue Culture-Broadcasting Corporation, HaiLanYunTian Catering Leisure Square, Jiuqu Bay Hot Spring Holiday Village(AAAA class), Pingxiang Friendship Pass Scenic Spot( AAAA class), Xing'an Lingqu·Water Street Scenic Spot(AAAA class). In addition, it plans to develop a Lingqu·Ancient Town which will occupy 2000 mu (Chinese unit of area). It is a diversification group which involves in business trade, catering services, hotel investment and management, advertisement, tourism, and real estate development.

The Group pursues the way of competitive products strategy, and the development objective of making the enterprises more excellent, more specialized, stronger and larger. Thanks to the accurate orientation, scientific operation and management, and good social credit standing, the group has obtained many honorary titles, such as "Chinese Famous Enterprise", "National Green Catering Enterprise", "National Business Incubator For The Youth", "Chinese Excellent Enterprise", "Commonweal Star Enterprise", "Young People Civilized Honor", "Guangxi Private Enterprise With Good Faith", " Customer-Trusted Company", "Credible and Faithful Unit", "Nanning Excellent Private Enterprise", "Nanning Business Incubator For The Youth", "Nanning Advanced Enterprises For Creating Occupations Of The Business And Trade Circulation". Jiuqu Bay Holiday Village, the Group's subsidiary company, focuses on hot spring zoology tourism. It has the following operation projects: tourism, vocation, entertainment, health cares, hotels, meeting and culture. It is a famous scenic spot for hot spring tourism and vocation, which has strong national style and local characteristics. Since its opening, it has gained highly recognition from domestic and aboard travelers, and obtained the following honorary titles for many times: State AAAA Class Traveling Scenic Spot, The Top 10 Hot Spring Quality Brand Of China, The National Top 10 Excellent Traveling Credit Enterprise, China AAA Class Quality Credited Enterprise, The Top 10 Quality Brand Of Guangxi Holiday Village, The Draft Enterprise For Establishing Guangxi Terrestrial Heat Hot Spring Standard, Nanning Excellent Scenic Spot, and Nanning Garden-type Enterprise. It is also the only assigned "China Base Of Hot Spring For Health Cares" by China Health Care Association. Meanwhile, it has passed the authentification of quality management system of ISO 9001 and environment management system of ISO 14001. Therefore, it has strong influences in the same trade.

While developing economy, the Group fully strengthens the positive role of its mass organizations, including CPC Branch, Work Union and Youth League Committee. The Group organizes their employees to take part in a series of social commonweal activities, helping those people in SARS epidemic area, counties and villages suffering with fire and flood, and also imburses the laid-off workers and the community families having difficulties, and the families with minimum subsistence security, poor students, orphan students, and Spring Buds children. They also take part in the activities of "Let Urban and Rural Youth Study and Live Together" and "Implementation Acts of Hope Project", caring and supporting sport activities for the elders, donating money to construct hope schools and new villages, holding activities of "Love Change The Destiny" and "Winter Warm" together with NNTV, and donating money to Sichuan disaster area. The total donation is worth of over 3 million yuan.

Guoyue Group persists in the concept of "people oriented", and acts on the principle of "service and benefit are both important". In addition, they also persist in the operation concept that there is no end, only starting. Therefore, they try all the efforts to make the Group more excellent, more specialized, larger and stronger, and make new contributions to the all-round development of economy of Guangxi.