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Nanning First Individually-run Enterprise Obtained Permission to Be On The Market In Shenzhen Stock Exchange
News From:   Date:2011-04-01

    In October 14, 2009, with the permission of the China Securities Supervision Commission, Guangxi Royal Dairy Co., Ltd. planed to first issue 27 million shares in SME Board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and its application was approved. Therefore, it became the first listed company among the individually-run enterprises in Nanning.

    It mainly engages in the producing, processing and selling of liquid milk and liquid milk products. It also engages in milk-related businesses, such as milch cow cultivation and pasture planting. It is not only the biggest enterprise of buffalo milk technology research and product producing and processing, but also the only one milk product enterprise in Guangxi which owns a ZAR-level enterprise technology center. According to the prospectus, the output of the buffalo milk in 2007 of the company was 8498 tons, accounting for 43.53% of the output of buffalo milk in Guangxi, and 38.50% of the national output. The margin rate of buffalo milk, majority of which was pasteurized milk, maintained between 40% and 45%. At the first half of this year, the margin rate of milk products of the company was 42.41%. The low-temperature products of pasteurized milk produced by the company accounted for 40% of the market share in the whole Guangxi milk industry.

    This time the Royal Dairy plans to issue no more than 27 million shares, and to collect about 220 million yuan. It also plans to invest in the following five projects: 45,000 ton capacity expand of the liquid milk deep processing; Laibin annual amount of 20,000 ton of liquid milk processing; milch cow cultivation demonstration generalizing; marketing network constructing; research and develop center expanding. The aggregate investment will be 250 million yuan. When these five projects are completed, the annual capacity will be increased to 65,000 ton; After the company is fully funded, the total capacity will be up to 105,000 ton per year.

    Before that, there are three listed state-owned holding enterprises in Nanning, such as Nanning General Merchandise Company, Nanning Sugar Industry Co., Ltd., and Nanning Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.. In the recent years, Nanning government has published several policies for many times on encouraging and promoting enterprises to be listed companies, especially the medium and small-sized enterprises. The government has proposed a series of supportive policies and encouraging measures, which has quickened the financing step of the medium and small-sized enterprises by the way of using the capital market.