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Guangxi Tianyuan Biochemistry Co., Ltd.
News From:   Date:2011-04-01

Guangxi Tianyuan Biochemistry Co., Ltd. is a high and new-technology enterprise involves in research and development, production and sales, and has pesticide formulation as its main business. Its registered capital is 100 million yuan. Its former is Guangxi Tianyuan Agrochemical Limited Company. It has more than 1000 long-term-contracted employees. Since its foundation in 1994, it has developed continually and quickly in the pesticide industry. In 2008, its sales revenue with tax reached 760 million yuan. Therefore, it has been the largest pesticide enterprise in sales volume in the southwest of China. It is also the largest rice-purposed pesticide productive enterprise in sales volume in China. Since its headquarters moved into Nanning High-tech Zone, it has obtained in successive years the following honorary titles: Comprehensive Strength Top 20, Productive Competition Winning Unit, Big Tax Payer; Honors of Nanning Excellent Enterprise Top 10 successively in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008; Gold Cup Unit of Nanning Economic Benefit Cup successively in 2007 and 2008; Excellent Individually-run Technology Enterprise In 2006 appraised by Chinese Individually-run Technology Enterprise Promotion Institute.

  There is a 80-person professional R&D team in the R&D center of the company, which develops more than 20 formulation pesticide products per year. At present, there are more than 200 registered products. The formulations include emulsion oil, wettable powder, aqueous emulsion, aqueous micro-emulsion, suspending agent, pelletized agent, fumicants and so on. The products include insecticide, bactericide, herbicide and plant growth regulator. Besides, it also involves in the all kinds of pesticides which are being used in China, such as organic phosphorus, chrysanthemum esters, carbamate, macrolide, and so on. Many products have obtained the honorary titles of the first, the second and other prizes of Technology Advancement Awards in Nanning and in Guangxi. Besides, it has also gained many funding supports such as the national fund on Agricultural Result Transformation. The R&D center has been identified as Nanning Municipal Technology Center, ZAR-level Technology Center and Guangxi Pesticide Formulation Project Center by Nanning Municipal Science & Technology Bureau, Guangxi ZAR Science & Technology Department, and the Committee of Economy & Trades.

 The company owns many production bases all over the country. There is one formulation pesticide processing base which covers 18 mu (Chinese unit of area) in Nanning Jiebei forestry center. Besides, there is also one nuisanceless pesticide formulation processing base which covers 48 mu in Nanning High-tech Zone. The two bases produced 3 million pieces of conventional packing pesticide products in 2008. Another pesticide formulation producing base is completed in the ASEAN Industry Zone in Nanning City of Guangxi, which is the largest one in Southeast Asia. Outside Nanning, it has one exclusively-invested holding pesticide formulation company in Zhengzhou city in Henan province, i.e. Henan Jintiandi Agrochemical CO., Ltd., which provides some products for the company's markets in the northern and central China.

   It has the following five exclusively-invested pesticide sales companies: Guangxi Tianyuan Agricultural Material Sales Co., Ltd., Guangxi Nongxi Crop Sciences Co., Ltd., Guangxi Weiniu Crop Sciences Co., Ltd., Guangxi Kangsaide Crop Sciences Co., Ltd., and Guangxi Kingster Sciences Co., Ltd., which are in pesticide sales. The exclusively-invested Company, Guangxi Boda Agricultural Services Co., Ltd. involves in the production and sales of pesticides and fertilizers. Guangxi Tianyuan Biochemistry Co., Ltd. owns a marketing promotion team which has more than 800 persons. The countrywide market service scope starts from Hainan in the south to Heilongjiang River in the north, and from Xinjiang in the west to the coasts in the east.

    The company's image mark, Agricultural Doctor, has been registered legally. It makes every effort in building the Agricultural Doctor brand to a strong leading brand in dominant positions of product innovation, R&D, producing and sales in the Chinese pesticide industry field. It also plans to make itself be a environmental-friendly modern enterprise. It promotes its excellent products by continually increasing the skills and capabilities of the sellers. Meanwhile, it provides the channel merchandisers, stockholders, companies, employees and suppliers with competitive values, and decides to improve the rural economics and the life level of farmers, so as to make contribution to the Chinese agricultural development.

    During the development of the company, it has formed Tianyuan corporate culture which has its own characteristics and cohesiveness. It has set up an income distribution system which both inspires and restricts the employees and can fully arouse the enthusiasm of the employees in every position. It also sets up a scientific management system which is used for the main operation flow and as the guidance of building the management thoughts, and uses ISO9001 (2000 edition) quality management mold as a template and is in accordance with the operation flow. In 2001, it passed the authentication of the ISO 9001 (2000 edition) quality management system. Besides, it introduced and made the ERP in full operation, realizing the informatization of enterprise management. The company is affirmed by Guangxi ZAR Committee of Economy & Trades as the demonstration enterprise of informatization project in Guangxi manufacturing industry.

  It uses "Establish good faiths for Tianyuan and serve for agriculture" as an operation tenet. Also, it has the missions of over-repaying the stockholders, paying the employees with one class revenue, serving the society with one class service.  It bases on scientific management and technology advance. By the diligence and wisdom of the staff, it makes all efforts to be first-rate in China Agrochemical industry and be one of the top enterprises in the world.