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Guangxi Dongfang Foreign Language College
News From:   Date:2011-04-01

    1. Geographic Location Advantages:

    Guangxi Dongfang Foreign Language College is situated at the east of the Green City Nanning, both the capital and the center of politics, economy, culture and education of Guangxi within the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area. It is one of the few colleges around the country which is situated at the foot of a hill and beside a river. The college faces the beautiful Yongjiang River which make it possible to travel to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and the ASEAN countries by water, connects at the back the Hunan-Guangxi railway lines and the Guihai Highway leading to other places of mainland China, and lies close to Nanning Wuxu International Airport on the south and Guilin Liangjiang International Airport on the north with flights across the five continents and the four oceans around the world. In a word, the college is the best place to study in for its advantages on geographic position and convenient transportation.

    2. Large-Scale Campus:

    The large-scale campus covers 1000 mu with a construction area of over 220,000 square meters, where the magnificent comprehensive teaching building with Continental style, the Southeast Asian-styled garden with overseas glamor, and the Chinese classical garden landscape with style of south of the Yangtze River exhibit the integration of different construction styles from countries around the world and of different construction cultures from China and the West. The students will feel like studying in a natural, harmonious and open world garden and being edified by sciences and cultures.

    3. Perfect Auxiliary Facilities:

    The college has an advanced digital library of 25,000 square meters, which is equipped with advanced open-shelf Chinese reading room, foreign language reading room, periodical reading room, electron reading room, show room, multi-media reading room and so on. Besides, there are two modern practice buildings, equipped with modern negotiation imitation room, materials circulation transporting imitation room, multi-language simultaneous translation practice room, watching- listening-speaking voice research laboratory and so on. It is also equipped with foreign language frequency modulation launch pad and two multimedia teaching buildings, high standard football court, track field, basketball court, ping-pong room, college student activities center, "Dongfang" big stage and cultural covered corridor.

    4. Prominent Characteristics Of School-Running:

    It is the only one foreign language college in Guangxi which has independent organizational system. It is diverse, professional, selective and international in foreign language setting, teaching and learning. There are forty-eight majors, ten foreign languages. It is one of the colleges in Guangxi which has set so many foreign languages. Just as the saying: going to Guangxi Dongfang Foreign Language College for learning foreign languages, and learning foreign language in Guangxi Dongfang Foreign Languages College. It is your best choice for learning foreign languages and also the train base of export-oriented talent.

    5. Innovation In Educational Modes

    The college's object for running a school is that basing itself on Guangxi, spreading to ASEAN, connecting with international, and devoting to training practical, interdisciplinary and international talents(economic talents skilled in foreign languages and foreign language talents skilled in economy). It creates the chances of employment, studying abroad and upgrading from junior college to universities for more education and getting more education to obtain the undergraduate or master degrees. Some majors are using the innovative training method of first studying in training school, then going abroad for studying the undergraduate courses, or first studying in training school, then going abroad for studying the undergraduate courses and master courses. Moreover, the tuition fee is very low. Until recently, there are more than 700 students who has finished their study in the college and then goes to the cooperated colleges in other countries for assiduously studying the undergraduate bachelor's degree and master's degree courses.

    6. Advantages In Employment:

    The college consistently sticks to the principle of setting the majors according the need of the market and setting the course according to the need of the industry post, and concentrating on foreign languages. We emphasize on strengthening the abilities in practicing, creating, getting a job and establishing a business, for the purpose of creating the employment chances in China and foreign countries for our students. Most of the students majoring in foreign affairs are introduced to enterprises of Viet Nam, Thailand, Cambodia and the domestic enterprises which involves foreign affairs. The college's employment rate in 2007 was 96%. It has obtained the Recognition Award of Guangxi colleges and universities graduate employment. The employment rate in 2008 was 98.7%. Therefore, it is bullish on the college's development prospect.

    7. Strong Campus Culture:

    The college has annual Campus Culture Arts Festival and Sports Meeting. It also has the following students' organizations: Literary Association, Reporter Association, Calligraphy Association, Cartoon Association, Music Association, Mars Human Dancing Association, Star & Moon Chess Association, CT Network Association, Fireworm Drama Association, and Clubs of volleyball, basketball and football, which are organized spontaneously. Besides, there are all kinds of foreign languages corners. All have enriched the students' life of campus culture. Every year, students from Britain, Japan, Viet Nam, Thailand, Macao go to the college for study and communication. That provides a broad communicating platform for the students there.

    8. Frequent International Communications:

    "Preserving the Chinese spirit, being a good international person" is the concentrate embodiment of the college's culture spirit. Its object is to train open-minded international talents who are not only have strong Chinese cultural basis, strong patriotism spirit and national pride sense, but also have international field of vision, international ability, international consciousness, international competition, international participation and international cooperation spirits. At present, the college has signed communication training agreement with more than 20 famous universities: Western Oregon University, Thailand Huachiew Chalermprakiet University, Thailand Maejo University, Thailand Phetchaburi Rajabhat University, Thailand Kanchanaburi Rajabhat University, Thailand Udon Thani Rajabhat University, Mahasarakham University, Vietnam National Economy University, Vietnam Foreign Trade University, Cambodia Phnom Penh University, Cambodia Norton University, etc.. By the way of scholarly communication and exchanging teachers, the students can use excellent international education sources and ideas. The college has made preparation for setting Confucius Institute in Thailand, for the purpose of developing Chinese traditional culture and strongly building the cultural communication platform between China and foreign countries.

    9. Outstanding Teaching Achievements:

    After five years development, the college's has obtained outstanding teaching achievements. It has obtained the following honorary titles: Excellent Organization Prize For "CCTV" National English Speech Contest , Autonomous "Good Sanitation" School Title, Autonomous Safety Civilization Campus, Autonomous Advanced Employment Group, Advanced Guangxi Corporate Culture Construction Unit, Third Prize Of Guangxi Examination Area Of The English Practical Ability Grade Test For The Students In National Colleges And Universities, Personal Third Prize In The Thai Language Speech Contest For The Thailand Students, Nanning Civilization School, Nanning Garden-style Unit. Meanwhile, it is the examination area and training area of the following qualification certificates: National English Ability Grade Test, Electronic Businessman, National International Business Documentation Handler, National Foreign Trade Documentary Follower and so on.

    10. Great-leap-forward Development In Upgrading From Junior College To University:

    The college starts from the humble origin and until now it has obtained great achievements. It positively participates in national stratagem action, and promotes the scientific development. With the rapid construction of North Bay Economic Development Zone and China-ASEAN Free Trade Area, objectively speaking, it needs many special talents skilled in foreign languages especially ASEAN languages. Therefore, the college has invested 160 million yuan to strengthen the infrastructure, consummate the teaching establishment, innovate its training method, enhance connotation construction, deepen educating and teaching innovations, improve the teaching quality, introduce advanced talents, enlarge the school scale, and form good school spirit and study style. Besides, it makes great efforts to create chances and reach the standards of newly-built colleges, and then it will apply to the State Ministry of Education for upgrading from junior college to university, completing the great-leap-forward development.