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Nanning Federation of Industry and Commerce
News From:   Date:2011-03-30

    Nanning Federation Of Industry & Commerce (abbreviated to NNFIC), also called Nanning General Chamber Of Commerce, is a people's organization and a chamber organization consisting of industrial and commercial personages of Nanning. It is also one of the members of Nanning municipal committee of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). NNFIC, the predecessor of which was Nanning General Chamber of Commerce founded in 1907, was under preparation and took over Nanning Chamber of Commerce in 1950. It was officially established in 1952, and additionally called General Chamber of Commerce in 1990 according to international practices. NNFIC is a local organization of the All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce (Chinese Non-Governmental Chamber of Commerce), which serves as a linkage for the Party and the government to contact with non-public ownership economic personages, and as an assistant for the government to manage non-public sectors of the economy. NNFIC features the unity of United Front property and the economic and non-governmental properties. It works as a major channel in the participation of non-public ownership economic personages in political and social affairs, an important role in the ideological and political work on non-public ownership economic personages, an assistant in the governmental management on non-public ownership economic sectors, a coordinator in the process of building up harmonious labor relationship, and a promoter in the reforms and development of industrial associations and chambers of commerce.

    NNFIC has enterprise members, group members and individual members. The body of enterprise members is non-public ownership enterprises, which include private enterprises, individually-run technology enterprises, enterprises invested by compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan, limited-liability companies and incorporated companies where the non-public ownership economic sectors are dominant, as well as service agents; Group members include industrial & commercial leagues with corporate capacity and other related social organizations; individual members include the investors and managers of industrial & commercial enterprises, individual industrial & commercial units, persons having contacts with NNFIC on work (compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan, overseas compatriots from industrial & commercial circle and the like), representatives selected from units having contacts with NNFIC on work, and the former industrial & commercial practitioners. In 2007, NNFIC comprised 12 county & district-level chambers of commerce, 110 township chambers of commerce, 9 trade chambers of commerce, 15 nonlocal chambers of commerce, 3 other chambers of commerce, and 12,117 members (480 new) among which there were 1926 enterprise members, 87 group members, 9507 individual members and 597 old members from the former industrial & commercial practitioners. Among the members in 2007, there were 72 deputies to the National People's Congress (NPC) of all levels (including 4 deputies to the autonomous regional NPC, 36 deputies to the Nanning municipal NPC and 32 deputies to the county & district-level NPC), 402 members of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) of all levels (including 9 members of the autonomous regional CPPCC, 51 members of the Nanning municipal CPPCC and 342 members of the county & district-level CPPCC).

    The primary functions and missions of NNFIC are as follows: participation in political consultations, democratic supervision and state affairs, and deliberation on state affairs in a positive way; recommendation for political arrangements of representatives from the industrial & commercial circle; promotion and improvement upon ideological and political work to guide the members to be constructors of the Chinese characteristic socialism; representation and maintenance on the legal rights and interests of members, and reflection on their opinions, requirements and suggestions; guidance for members to positively participate in national economic construction, transform the economic developing mode, enhance conservation of energy and resources, emphasize protection of ecological environment and establish harmonious labor relationship, so as to meet the requirements of the "Scientific Outlook on Development"; abidance by national laws and regulations in administration and tax payment, establishment of modern enterprises system and maintenance of economic order of market; offers of advisory service on training, financing, technologies, laws and other information, services on domestic & foreign trade communication and public relationship coordination, and assistances for members to improve their self-innovation capability, core competitiveness and sustainable developing capability.

    From 1952 to 2007, NNFIC had convoked 11 Membership Congresses, in which 11 sessions of Executive Committees and Standing Committees were elected, with Chen Peiyuan, Meng Daren, Chen Min, Li Weilin and Li Silong as the Chairmans (Presidents) successively.